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While title tags in Spanish are a must it is going to take much more than that to get your message out to the Hispanic communities. Let’s take a look at how Spanish SEO for your website can help you reach your target Hispanic audience.

How Spanish SEO can draw more traffic to your Spanish website

It is important to understand the concept of Spanish search engine optimization (Spanish SEO). Simply put Spanish SEO is a strategy implemented on your website to improve search ranking, thereby drawing more targeted traffic to your site. This in turn will allow you more opportunity to get your service or products in front of your targeted Hispanic audience which should lead to growth of your customer base.

When marketing your business or company on the internet efforts should be centered upon achieving as high a search ranking as possible so your website will receive more click throughs from the search results. Ideally your website should at the very least appear on page 1 of a Google search result with the ultimate aim to be within the top 3 placements for your industry. While it may be more of a challenge to achieve this within a worldwide search result local SEO has a much better chance of getting one of those much-coveted top spots.

When your business or company website has been designed to not only inform but to grow your customer base it is important to be able to attract unique visitors as well as returning visitors. The use of industry-specific keywords in your content will improve your chances of attracting the right visitors to your set. This is just one facet of Spanish SEO.

The importance of Spanish SEO becomes abundantly clear when you consider the consequences of not implementing a strong, focused Spanish SEO strategy. Essentially if you fail to use all the Spanish SEO methods available to you your website is not going to show up on page 1 of a Google search result, and that means lost prospective customers and lost opportunities to grow your customer base and revenue. If your website does not show up within the first 2 search result pages it is highly unlikely that your site is going to be found as most visitors do not peruse further than page 2 when searching for a particular industry-specific website. Instead of your website being the one they choose to click through to it will be one of your more Spanish SEO-savvy competitors.

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How Spanish SEO can draw more targeted Hispanic traffic

Spanish SEO BenefitsThe implementation of Spanish SEO on your website will greatly improve your opportunity to attract the right attention of the search engines, provided it is done correctly. It will also draw attention from your local Latino communities and give you the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers. Customers equal revenue and at the end of the day that is what business is all about. Being able to reach your Hispanic audience will also provide you with an opportunity to interact with them via the internet and build a larger list of loyal customers. All of this can be achieved at the local, regional and national level.

There is an increasing awareness amongst Spanish website owners of the value of achieving a high ranking in search results, thereby creating the opportunity to expand their businesses. A high ranking means better visibility for their site and what it has to offer the Hispanic community.

Let’s now look at how our skilled and experienced SEO experts can help you by implementing a strong Spanish SEO strategy that can greatly improve your website and help your business grow.

SEO Audits and Campaign Strategies

We begin by conducting a thorough audit of your website to ascertain where improvements can be made both immediately and for the long term good of the site. An audit will include the following:

· Checking to insure that your website is optimized to draw international traffic

· Analyzing existing content to insure it is optimized to draw local Hispanic prospective customers

· Deep analysis of your competitor’s Spanish websites to gauge their ranking success and the strategies they are employing to achieve good ranking

· A look at the design elements, internal linking structure, URLs and the architecture of your website

Once the audit has been completed we will then report our findings to you and propose an action plan to address areas that are lacking good Spanish SEO.

Keyword Research

It is important that native Spanish speaking SEO experts assist you with your Spanish SEO so that the Spanish keyword phrases your website should be targeting take into account all the little nuances, intent and contexts of the Spanish language. Our Spanish SEO service is provided by people who are native speakers of Spanish and are skilled at undertaking extensive research to find only the most lucrative keyword phrases for ranking so your targeted audience can find your website.

Once the best keyword phrases have been identified we will then strategically weave them into your website’s content. This may be achieved using your website’s existing content or by writing new content, or a combination of both, so that your website content effectively engages your prospective customers, instilling trust and converting into new leads or sales.

On-Page SEO

While English websites can be translated into Spanish this is often done without the objectives, tone and voice of the content, leaving any Spanish speaking visitors with a less than ideal impression of the website and what it has to offer. By creating a specific Spanish website your target audience will have a much better experience when visiting your site. Even if your website is currently written in English, we can make the necessary changes to make it appear as if it was originally created as a Spanish website. This will be achieved through the creation of top quality content that is designed to help you and your business connect with your Spanish speaking target audience in a way that they find natural and not contrived. Ultimately this will result in more quality leads, a higher conversion rate and a growing list of loyal customers.

Off-Page SEO and Link Building Strategies

Gaining natural, quality links is challenging regardless of whether it is for a Spanish or English website but when you don’t speak Spanish it is incredibly difficult to get other local websites link to yours. We know how to create and implement a solid link building strategy that will erase any potential obstacles caused by language differences. The link building strategy we will create for you will be customized to address your specific business needs.

Our link building strategy will incorporate many different facets so that the links that are built will not only be of top quality but will also be impossible for your competitors to steal. The links we will build well be natural and therefore Google-friendly, and will help to increase the amount of converting traffic your website gains. These links will also help your website move up in the search rankings.

Local SEO

Spanish SEO ServiceThe importance of local SEO cannot be over stressed. Failing to target your local Hispanic customers as well as regional, national and even international is opportunities lost. Utilizing our local SEO skills we will create an effective campaign that will incorporate the following:

· A carefully crafted and fully optimized profile on Google+ Places

· Your business name, address and contact phone number will appear exactly the same across the web to improve recognition and consistency

· Building of local links and your brand within the local market

· Content that is aimed at the local market and is relevant not just to your industry but to the area your business is located in

We have all the skills and experience with local SEO necessary to implement an effective link building and content marketing strategy to draw the ideal Hispanic customers to your website as well as insure that your business citation sources are consistent across the web.

Once we have an agreement to work together the following will happen:

· We will develop a SEO plan that will organically increase the amount of traffic that is driven to your Spanish website. This plan will work regardless of whether you have a single landing, page, several landing pages, a single website or a number of websites.

· We will focus on working with you to create a diverse link profile that will be relevant to your business and industry.

· We will focus on a creating a solid link building strategy that will build your website’s authority and credibility as well as improve search engine ranking.

· We will put our energies into creating quality content that not only implements the strategic use of lucrative, relevant keyword phrases but also engages and informs your prospective customers to improve the opportunity to gain leads and conversions.

All of the above measures will be taken with the goal of driving more Spanish speaking users to your website and turning them into loyal customers, thereby increasing both your customer base and your business revenue.

Monitoring, Tracking and Measuring Results

As the number of businesses catering to the Hispanic community by providing Spanish websites grows it becomes more imperative to step up your Spanish SEO in order to compete with other Spanish websites in your industry, both on a local level and worldwide. While older marketing strategies are challenging to track and measure, a well-devised Spanish SEO marketing strategy can be measured with a great deal of accuracy.

Once the pages on your website have been skillfully translated into Spanish and optimized for the search engines, we will track results and gauge which SEO methods are providing good results and which need more effort. By doing this we will be able to address those efforts which require more work quickly and efficiently.

How we can best serve your Spanish SEO needs

As native Spanish speakers we have unique insights into the Hispanic market and can design an effective Spanish SEO campaign that will improve your Spanish website’s ranking, drawing in your targeted Spanish-speaking users, giving you the opportunity to turn those users into loyal customers.

If your current website is in English we have the skills and experience necessary to effectively translate it into Spanish without losing any of its nuances, context or tone. If your website is already in Spanish we will insure that it is optimized to improve search ranking and reach your Hispanic market. We understand that it is equally important to address English-speaking users and will optimize your website to cater to both English and Spanish-speaking users so you can reach the largest number of potential customers possible.

We implement only the most effective SEO strategies that have been proven to work both with past and present clients. Because we limit the number of clients we work with we have the time and energy to dedicate to your Spanish SEO marketing plan, insuring your website will gain a higher rank, more traffic and more potential customers.

As one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, the Spanish speaking online market is waiting for you to provide them with the solutions they seek. Our Spanish SEO service is here to help you connect with these users, build your loyal customer base, grab your spot in the top search results locally, nationwide and internationally.

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